Sky Schedule Lost Finale For 5am

May 21, 2010 by  
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After five very confusing years, we finally understand what the hell is going on in Lost – and now they’re finishing it. Typical. What are we going to do to excercise our brainboxes now? We might have to start reading Salman Rushdie novels.

Other more sensible Lost fans will be digging out their box-sets and grumbling at the prospect of waking up at 5am on the morning of Monday 24th May to watch the two-and-a-half hour finale.

Sky have decided to broadcast the climactic episode in a simulcast with ABC in America to thwart internet pirates and help fans who would have had the thankless task of avoiding plot spoilers on the internet for five days.

The episode (imaginitively titled ‘The End’) will be repeated on Tuesday, 25 May, at 9pm and again next Friday in its normal slot. Broadcasters in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada will also simulcast the Lost finale in an unprecedented act of international co-ordination.

Stuart Murphy, Sky1’s director of programmes, told The Guardian: “We are proud of the fact that at Sky1 HD we have a long tradition of running all of our US shows as close as possible to their US transmission date. With something as hotly anticipated as the Lost finale, it makes sense to show it at exactly the same time as millions across America will see it.”