Flashforward Star Promises Grand Finale

May 20, 2010 by  
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The news that Flashforward was set to be axed after its first season did not go down well in OTB towers. Indeed it was the first incident in a series of unfortunate events that culminated in the sprinkler system going off after one disgruntled smoker refused to stand in the rain on his morning cigarette break. That’s right we know it was you..

Anyway, fear not Flashforward fans because news has reached our ears that the final two episodes of the series “blew cast members away” when they read them.

Jack Davenport who plays Lloyd Simcoe in the drama which will be cancelled by ABC, has promised that it will end on a high note.

“The last two episodes are pretty fantastic,” he told Entertainment Weekly, but went on to admit that the show will not be able to conclude everything in the finale.

“Do I think the story could have gone further? Sure. No-one intends to do [just] one season – especially not with a grand concepty show like this. I don’t think it will be unsatisfying, but it will not answer all the questions. The producers had to be mindful that they may only get one season, so there are some satisfying wrap-ups,” he said.