Ashes To Ashes Finale Review: Gone But Not Forgotten

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ASHES TO ASHES: Friday 21st May, BBC1, 9pm ALERT ME

The iconic red Quattro will be fired up one last time on Friday night as BBC says goodbye to Ashes to Ashes. Having not failed to thrill and entertain throughout the series, this final episode certainly does justice to its predecessors.

The mystery surrounding Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt comes to the fore once again as the drama is well and truly wrapped up in an emphatic crescendo of twists and turns. Alex is determined to find out what happened to Sam, especially as she is having flashbacks to her hospital bed as well as the scene of the crime. As she gets closer to the truth – Gene Hunt’s steely outer shell begins to weaken.

As usual, we are presented with a new case at the very start of the episode. A couple of gangsters with links to a gem-smuggling racket have been brutally murdered. This provides an apt backdrop to the emotional tussle with Gene and Alex. Whilst these two try to resolve more pressing matters, Ray and the rest of the team get on with trying to crack the case.

This is a fiery episode where all the characters are forced to face up to their own existences, and ponder their trust for each other. Jim Keats is still lingering around in the shadows with his smug remarks and puffy public school face. However, what begins as a report he is conducting on Hunt and his team turns out to be something much more significant for everyone involved. This ain’t just a jobsworth with a clipboard.

As he presses further with trying to unravel the secrets behind Hunt, the Guv’s leadership and resolve is put to the test. Allegiances within the cast are questioned as fiercely as your own assertions of who to heed. This suggestion is especially confirmed with the appearance of some mysterious personalised video tapes.

Whilst Alex is still being haunted by the mysterious ghost linked with the numbers 6-6-20, she is convinced the visions hold the key to getting home from 1983. She best find out, because no one wants to be trapped in an epoch where Margaret Thatcher rules the land. “The truth will set me free?, she utters in a dream. How right she may turn out to be.

As well as the usual wonderful script, the Ashes to Ashes finale has everything – romance, death and an over the top shoot-out with Dutch gangsters. And what other show would have the line, “I’m arresting you for killing my car you dyke-digging tosspot? at its end. Gene Hunt, you shall be sorely missed.

Ryan says:

An amazing ending! Really happy Gene wasn’t a baddy. And Sam Tyler went to heaven because he died.

Pete says:

A very fitting climax to a great series. Lets hear it for a great resolution. Great script, great acting and the actor playing Keats nearly steals the show from Gene Hunt.

NanaAna says:

What really did happen to Sam Tyler?

AD says:

Not enough stars at the top. The finale needs five stars. The way they answered the questions without cheating is remarkable.

HyperCC says:

A very tiny bit disappointed that I guessed the ending but that matters not. In all a brilliant swansong for Gene Hunt. And it’s good to know he’s still out there…somewhere. Pity Sam didn’t show up. Ah well.

jay says:

so…..what happened to Sam? Is Gene dead too, or does he just help people into the afterlife? I’m quite confused…

Niamh says:

I was brought to tears in the finale episode as it was absolutely amazing! brilliant script and the whole gang will be so missed. Not any other cast like them around (:

newman says:

looking forward to it. hope the ending lives up to it.

Great article! Ashes to Ashes has been a fantastic series and we all hope that the ending blows our minds!