Damages Review: The Goods Are Intact & Ready To Impact

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DAMAGES: Wednesday 19th May, BBC1, 10.45pm ALERT ME

Racing at full speed towards the season’s climax, this week’s penultimate episode begins to tie some loose ends together but still leaves a few threads dangling in the air to tantalise the audience. Add to that the recent announcement of a fourth season and fans can be sure of more high-octane plot collisions in the future.

In this week’s episode Patty continues to suffer from a re-occurring dream that continually threatens to cross into nightmare territory; Leonard Winstone struggles with his villainous father; Patty’s attempt to bribe her son’s partner to abandon him takes an unexpected turn; Tom resorts to frantic double crossing to save his family’s future; and Joe Tobin is laid open to a series of familial and professional revelations.

Following Tessa Marchetti’s assassination in Antigua, Patty Hewes is deemed to be making enough headway with the Tobin case to continue but at some cost. It is revealed by Judge Reilly that Tom Shayes has vested interests with the Tobin family that requires him to part company with Patty in order to safeguard the legality of the case.

Meanwhile, Arthur Frobisher’s cocaine-fuelled confession – that he once employed a killer-for-hire –inevitably leaks to Patty who takes the information to the DA. Will this lead to Ellen finally solving the mystery of her fiancées murder once and for all?

Whilst Damages can be accused of extreme convolution it doesn’t disappoint in terms of sheer entertainment factor. Every disclosure and plot twist never fails to exploit the show’s reputation for complex layering or the setting up of ominous foreshadowing of events. Like each season that has preceded it this is a must watch for any Damages fan.