Brand Banned From Wossy’s Last Show?

May 19, 2010 by  
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Following reports that Amanda Holden would turn down the chance to appear on Johnathon Ross’ final chatshow, a more controversial revelation as emerged.

After Ross also said he would like old mate Russell Brand on his couch, presumably to discuss that phonecall, the BBC have spoken out to condemn the decision.

Indeed, according to The Sun today, BBC chiefs are “furious” over Ross’ plans and are keen to veto the idea. They fear another backlash if old contentious issues are brought up in a jovial manner. And knowing Brand, anything could happen.

An insider told the newspaper: “[It’s] not what we want. We want to go out on a positive note.”

Given that Ross is soon to depart the BBC, he would appreciate the right to set things straight with the public, and maybe laugh at the hysteria surrounding the issue. We’re inclined to agree.