Brand Invited Onto Ross’ Final Friday Night With

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Given the never-ending financial crisis and Sachsgate scandals that persist on dogging the BBC, you would’ve thought suspending Jonathon Ross’ pay for three months would’ve come as a welcome budget cut. Ross should’ve laughed it off and enjoyed his unexpected three month exile from Broadcasting House with a holiday in the Caribbean. Fining the ‘star’ £1.5 million (a quarter of his £6 million per annum salary) was equivalent to denying Russell Brand a sexual liaison for five minutes – a minor setback but nothing either of the two couldn’t recover from.

So for one of his last shows – before departing to a commercial rival – Ross has invited Brand back on to his couch of inane conversation and self-promotion in a farewell f*** you to the BBC.

According to an industry insider: “Jonathan thought that it was right – now the dust has settled – that he should be allowed to have Russell on and talk about Sachsgate with him.?

Never one to flog a dead horse – probably a turn-on for Brand – the two will engage in some mutual masturbation hopefully signalling an end to a story that ran out of mileage all the way back in early 2009.