Lost Review: Jacob’s Childhood Revealed

May 14, 2010 by  
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LOST: Friday 14th May, SKY1, 9pm ALERT ME

It was always going to be good. No matter how much criticism the show has received in the past, true Lost fans have always known the end was going to be explosive.

Michael Emerson (who plays the character of Benjamin Linus) revealed in a recent interview that Episode 15 would be incredible. I’m happy to confirm this to be the case.

Entitled ‘Across the Sea’, tonight’s helping finally shows viewers what they have been wanting to know for so long – how Jacob and the ‘man in black’ came to be. Watching the story unfold, it’s like a huge part of the jigsaw puzzle suddenly falls into place – why are they there? and how did they get there?

As usual with Lost, for every answer there’s a load more questions, something that’s actually referenced by a brilliant new character in the show, Jacob’s ‘mother’- ‘Every question you have will lead to another’. I struggled throughout the episode to put a timescale on things (I’d heard on the grapevine that the episode begins 2000 years before the Oceanic flight 815 crashes onto to island). If this were the case, I’m bemused as to why people are speaking modern day English in American accents. Maybe this will be revealed in due course.

Next week’s episode is called ‘What They Died For’. Interesting, and I wonder who the writers are referring to by ‘they’. Time will tell eager Lost fans.