EastEnders Fans Up In Arms With The BBC

May 14, 2010 by  
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EastEnders fans were up in arms this week at the decision by Beeb bosses to cancel Tuesday’s episode in favour of monitoring Brown’s resignation.

According to the bastion of truth – The Daily Mail – over 1,000 complaints were lodged to the broadcaster when the plug was pulled on the residents of Walford. Viewers – who felt no need to register their incandescent rage when Boris Johnson’s shameless cameo appearance in 2008 compromised the BBC’s impartiality agreement – were left waiting until Wednesday to watch the next instalment.

The BBC – who have to apologise for spilt milk these days – defended their decision to re-schedule, stating: “The events that unfolded on May 11, 2010 will have a major significance for the whole of the UK. Gordon Brown’s resignation was of national importance. This also started proceedings of installing a new prime minister and the first coalition government in the UK for 70 years.?

They rammed the point home, saying: “As a public service broadcaster we are expected to cover such events and viewers come to BBC One to experience such moments.”

The coverage pulled in 9 million viewers proving that there was enough public interest to justify the controversial move but this will hardly satisfy the wont of the EastEnders watching public – half of whom probably didn’t even bother to vote – which could’ve ironically settled the election thus avoiding this calamity in the first place.