Osbourne Has Advice For X-Factor’s Cheryl Cole

May 12, 2010 by  
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Sharon Osbourne – professional airer of dirty laundry – has wafted the rancid stench of a public catfight in the direction of Cheryl Cole.

In a statement that delicately meshed vitriol and passive aggressive parental advice she warned Cheryl to “[stop] the flashy perfect couple bulls**t? if she ever wants to have a ‘normal’ relationship. Alternatively Cole could invite a camera crew into her home, base a series on her life and then reveal all to the public in a series of self-aggrandising autobiographies. In other words: an ‘ordinary’ relationship.

In a response full of concern for Cole – who could be forgiven for showing emotional distress following a very public humiliation – she tries to encourage her to realise her full potential: “Come on! She’s the same age as my eldest daughter; she’s been married three years with a glossy magazine wedding and had no kids. She’s got a great career and a great life waiting for her.?

However, in the wake of growing support for Mel B to replace Dannii Minogue – and some pointed criticism from fellow co-host Louis Walsh – should Cheryl be worrying about her future on the panel? Probably not.