Ofcom To Investigate Cambell VS Boulton Clash

May 12, 2010 by  
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After Alastair Campbell’s clash with Sky News anchor Adam Boulton – broadcast live on air – viewers rushed to Ofcom to register their complaints. The former Labour spin doctor who, depending on your disposition, either goaded Boulton or pleaded with him to calm down and retain some ‘dignity’ is oddly not the focus of the complaints.

The pair argued over Campbell’s assertion that Boulton was “clearly upset David Cameron wasn’t Prime Minister?. Boulton rigorously denied any bias and warned Campbell, in an aggressive tone, not to assume “what [he] thinks?.

Pending a press release tomorrow by the TV watchdog the exact number of complaints remains unclear but it’s believed to be somewhere in the region of several hundred.

Reacting immediately after the incident Sky said: “Sky News political editor Adam Boulton defended his integrity and, by implication, Sky News’s, against an attack by Alastair Campbell.”

Boulton who will probably soon notch up more complaints than the number of votes independent parties managed to secure in the general election, is also under fire for his later interview with the ex-Minister for Culture Ben Bradshaw where he was also seen to lose his composure.

To compound Boulton’s problems even further he also faces hundreds of other complaints submitted to the media regulator regarding what many saw to be an attack on Nick Clegg during the Sky Leaders Debate. Could all this lead to Boulton losing his temper in the future? We can only hope because it undoubtedly makes for great viewing.