Coronation Street Announces New Character

May 12, 2010 by  
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After announcing the departure of five of its stars last week, Coronation Street is to receive some new blood in the form of Becky McDonald’s tearaway sister.

Described as a “chav?, the character will have a 3 year old daughter despite being 18 and therefore – in the mind of the average Daily Mail reader – open to derision and stereotype.

TV Biz reports that: “”Becky’s sister is really going to cause ructions. Since she arrived in Corrie, Becky’s own rough edges have been smoothed off and marriage to Steve has calmed her down a bit. But her sister is as fiery as they come.?

ITV seem intent on creating as many “chavs? in their roster as possible after announcing Jordan’s arrival as a similar character in Benidorm. Indeed, they seem to have hired two actresses playing the exact same role. Where Jordan’s character will be seen “getting them out for the lads? around the pool, Becky McDonald’s sister will be “flirting with every man in the Rovers – including her sister’s husband Steve.”

ITV should probably consider axing one of their excess channels to facilitate the ‘chav genre’ in all of its glory and spare other shows of characters with so little potential for development.