FlashForward Set To Be Axed

May 11, 2010 by  
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FlashForward, the American series which debuted in the UK to a fanfare of critical acclaim last year is reportedly close to cancellation.

This news comes despite reports last month which claimed that the show could be saved because of its popularity overseas and low production costs. However the show’s US ratings slipped to an all time low recently and ABC are thought to be considering axing it.

The show had been ear-marked for a second series in what would have been a very rare decision by an American TV network to prop up a failing programme.

However, the situation does not look so promising at the moment and sources inside the studio believe bosses rate FlashForward‘s chances of survival at “less than 50-50”. says:

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Lynn Holden says:

Why is is that any US program that is remotely thought provoking gets axed? Are people over there really not capable of ‘getting’ such dramas. Defying Gravity was another that was axed long before it reached any sensible conclusion and that was also brilliant. How do we get to persuade the makers to keep going???

Sam Steffen says:

Season 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabel Monteith says:

I so hope you are wrong about Flashforward…I love that show…it is the most thought-provoking drama I have ever seen.