Dorothy Says There’s Nowhere Like Topshop

May 10, 2010 by  
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Topshop – stop hiring: Over the Raindbow star Jessica Robinson has expressed an interest in joining the High Street chain having lost out to Lauren Samuels after failing to wow the judges. She plans to use her wages to fund her stage school fees. Perhaps overestimating the current wages offered by Topshop – a generous £5.52 per hour – the failed Dorothy said: “When I get home I’m going to apply for a job in Topshop. People say, ‘You won’t need a job in Topshop’. But I want a job in Topshop.?

Having won the challenge to say the word ‘Topshop’ as many times as possible in less than a minute, Jessica claimed that the blow of being thrown off the show was cushioned by having lost out to talented competition. Rubbishing the holy institution that is the brothers Jedward she said that: “Because the girls are all [more talented than Jedward] it’s not so bad?.

It remains to be seen what lies in store for the 18-year old – apart from the skinny jeans department – but one thing is for certain : she won’t be clicking her heels any time soon.