When Moyles Met Radio 1 Breakfast DJs Review

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In October of last year The Times published an article stating that Chris Moyles had lost Radio 1 “700,000 listeners? which had the bookies forecasting that he’d be gone by the new year. He isn’t and continues to present the coveted breakfast slot to this day.

Regardless of your opinion towards Moyles, this is a bad documentary. His opening gambit is a vapid analysis of what makes great radio: “There has to be some substance?. He then goes on to cite Michael Jackson’s death and the break-up of Jordan and Andre as “My stories…I can’t wait to hear what the others have to say?. The ‘others’ are former Radio 1 DJs (with the notable absence of Chris Evans who declined an interview) who are cajoled by Moyles into reminiscing, bleary eyed about their encounters with the rich and famous which I suspect is the “substance?. At one point Mike Read recounts an incident on a skiing holiday with Cliff Richard (shudder) that ended up with Read ‘n’ Richard playing guitar for Princess Diana while princes William & Harry sang into Mars Bars. Moyles, evidently gripped by this story, proclaims rather jealously: “I don’t have one story that nearly compares to that?.

Any opportunity to really investigate the radical changes that Radio 1 have undertaken in years past are constantly undermined by Moyles’ inability to interview without interrupting his subjects, some of whom look visibly peeved by his ‘style’. At one point Mike Smith – who only enjoyed a brief tenure at Radio 1 and now runs his own helicopter company – turns on his interviewer and states : “[DJs] are talking to themselves…I have to include you in this?. Moyles puts his hands up in surrender and then leaves the topic alone, sensing that Smith probably wants to put him in a dodgy chopper and get rid of him.

What we’re left with is a series of banal nostalgia trips from B-List celebrity DJs. Zoe Ball recalls her first meeting with Fatboy Slim: “Who walks up? Mr Cook…we went to loads of different clubs…I couldn’t speak the next morning?. Sara Cox can just about muster up the brain cells to remember the resulting furore surrounding her claims that “the Queen Mum stinks of wee?.

BBC2 are going to show this documentary which seems slightly bizarre considering that it made me never want to listen to Radio 1 again, so long as Moyles is at the helm anyway.