Dr. Who Too Sexy for Mumsnet

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The BBC is in deep trouble again: they’ve had 43 complaints over a ‘saucy’ scene in a Doctor Who episode. Chiefs are currently hoping the time lord doesn’t have Andrew Sachs’ phone number in case the incident really spirals out of control.

Never the first to be called a collection of reactionary whingebags with nothing better to do, members of Mumsnet have raised concerns over the scene that saw Doctor Who being seduced by his assistant. We should remember that Amy Pond herself was introduced to viewers in what some would call ‘skimpy gear’ – but what most would call ‘the norm these days’. The BBC have stuck to their ideology of feeding children pornographic images and unrestrained profanity by commenting “millions of Doctor Who fans watched and enjoyed last Saturday’s episode, including the light-hearted and humorous scene in which Amy kissed the Doctor.”

Tune in next week to see the Doctor become a tyrannical dictator who questions the existence of God and claims to have slept with several high profile granddaughters.

Akash says:

Seriously ppl its Doctor Who!
U guys seriously dont know the amount of crap ur kids watch then in Disney and the Sky kids channel! I would be more about that stuff then Doctor who assistant kissing the Doctor. If u take it in a positive was it technically shows girls as equal as the Doctor at times, which is good surely no??
An to Mumsnet grow up…complain about all the talk shows and easterners and soap! they show worse stuff then Doctor Who!

timecrack444 says:

As Vivienne Pattinson herself said, the issue is whether or not Doctor Who is still appropriate for children. I am an evangelical Christian, and I don’t feel that the episode overall was appropriate for young children; not just because of the innuendo at the end, but because of the scary scenes with the Weeping Angels. However, the “new” Doctor Who, in my opinion, is still appropriate for older teens and adults who don’t enjoy excessive sexual content or violence in their entertainment. The question I would put to Mumsnet is, why the heck didn’t you lodge these kinds of complaints during the Russell T. Davies era, when much worse things were going on? The point is, young kids shouldn’t be watching Doctor Who unsupervised. This should have been the rule from the beginning as regards the new series. Personally, I thought the scene at the end of “Flesh and Stone” was a little over the top on more than one level, but I think Moffat has some sort of underlying purpose for it in the plotline of the series as a whole.

Paul Levy says:

Mumsnet are a right load of over reactionary self important old fashioned frumpsters! I am sure their children are horribly embarrassed!