Come Dine With Me, Brother

May 6, 2010 by  
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With the election inspired political Come Dine With Me airing tonight on C4, the channel have bigger plans for the dining format. It is reported that a Big Brother version of the show is set to be made.

Nasty Nick Bateman has claimed to be the inspiration for this particular version of the show, initially saying that series five figure Victor Ebuwa, Freddie ‘Halfwit’ Fisher and muscly Mario would be apt fellow diners.

However, after the idea was turned down by Channel 4 – it has now gone ahead, but with different characters. Bateman commented on the matter on his twitter account, “Not doing Come Dine With Me. Instead, Brian Belo, brian Dowling, Nadia and somebody else I never heard of?.

Clearly peeved that his inclusion was rejected, Nick will miss out on the opportunity to join rank with celebrities, politicians and WAGS – who are just some of the sections of our celebrity culture who have made up the Come Dine With Me specials.