James Nesbitt Medical Drama To Replace The Bill

May 5, 2010 by  
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Since ITV announced they were retiring The Bill from their increasingly dwindling scheduling programme, executives have been looking for a show to fill PC Plod’s shoes. It has been announced in a statement to What’s On TV that a new medical drama starring James Nesbitt will bravely attempt to fill the void.

Mirroring ITV’s choice to replace cop drama with medical drama, Nesbitt will leave behind his detective role in Murphy’s Law to become a neurosurgeon in Monroe. It’s ironic that Murphy’s Law was effectively decommissioned when the rival Doc Martin slammed the former in the ratings which suggests in the titanic struggle between medicine and murder, the local A&E wins out each time. The series has been written by Peter Bowker whose resume includes Casualty and Peak Practice, both successful long running series that should reassure ITV they’ve got a writer capable of holding the viewer’s attention.

Monroe will have to compete with a plethora of recently successful medical dramas and sitcoms on rival channels but ITV’s drama commissioner Laura Mackie is confident that the Cold Feet star will “breathe new life into the genre? and insists the show will be one of “the most compelling new dramas for 2011.?

It spells a significant return to ITV for Nesbitt who was once one of their most precious commodities for starring in the hugely successful Cold Feet. Will he be able to attract the same viewing figures? ITV will certainly hope so.