Glee Star Michele Accused Of Being A Diva

May 5, 2010 by  
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Looks like all might not be well on the set of our favourite musical TV show Glee after star Lea Michele has been accused of being a bit of a diva.

Sources have told Heat magazine that, “She sometimes even refuses to talk to junior staff. If they ask her something, she just directs them to her assistant and walks the other way.”

The insider also refers to the stars as ‘difficult’ and ‘a snob’. Ouch.

Lea, who plays young starlet Rachel Berry on the show, has also been accused on being a bit of a bully to someone on set, allegedly teasing the girl about her hair.

“She called her a ‘mop head’. It started out as a nickname she would just use among her friends, but as time passed she started calling her names to her face. One time, she even made the girl cry.”

We hope these reports aren’t true, especially since Lea has been performing for years and should know how tough it can be when someone doesn’t play well with others. Tut, tut, Miss Michele.