‘AmHo’ Predicts Lack Of SuBos In Years To Come

May 5, 2010 by  
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Amanda Holden, ITV’s resident anthropologist, astute social commentator and part time co-presenter for Britain’s Got Talent, has prophesised that Britain will be bereft of another Susan Boyle (also known across the world as SuBo in a world increasingly dependent on abbreviations) possibly until the next Labour government sweeps into power with an overwhelmingly majority vote.

In an interview, soon to be published in Good Housekeeping magazine, ‘AmHo’ also explores the concept that by propelling ‘SuBo’ into the limelight, in scenes reminiscent of Elian Gonzalez emerging from a cupboard to the barrel end of the FBI, she has luckily been able to raise her own profile in the States potentially opening up a radical departure from being a TV judge in the UK to a TV judge in America.

Positively foaming at the mouth with pride that she ‘used/helped’ Susan Boyle to amass a significant fortune by virtue of having below average looks and a slightly above average vocal ability, Holden reflects on the Subo period citing, “We had no way of predicting that she would turn into a global phenonmenon.?

Ominously for fans of the banal and unimportant she further warns that: “You’re not going to find another Susan in ten years? possibly depriving the world of another opportunity to witness Amanda Holden wiping away silicon tears as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that talent and looks aren’t mutually exclusive.

Kathy says:

Personally, I abbreviate her name AHol.