Busted To Chart Relaunch With Reality Show

May 4, 2010 by  
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Matt Willis and James Bourne (the two remaining members of Busted) are planning a reality TV show based around their hunt for a third band member.

The plucky pair have decided to reform their once awesome group which was busted in 2005 when Charlie Simpson (centre) left to join Fighstar. The guitarist later described his time in the band as ‘torture’.

You wait until you see the reality series Charlie…

“Matt and James are determined to get the band back together but have realised there is no way to change Charlie’s mind,” said a source close to the boys. “Instead they are planning a reality TV show. It will be a documentary following them up and down the UK in their search for a third man.

“The series will then climax with a live arena event, which fans will be able to buy tickets for. If the show sparks enough interest they’ll take themselves out on a wider UK tour.”

Sarah says:

can’t wait :). im not expecting it to be the old busted im more so getting myself in the mind set that they are a “new band” if i expect the old busted then i may get disapointed. but over all i can’t wait to see how this turns out 🙂