Genius Of Britain: Nerd Alert

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GENIUS OF BRITAIN: Monday 31st May, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

This new series has been celebrating the best of British in terms of our historical significance within the scientific community.

A bunch of scientists, engineers and zoologists present tonight’s episode that covers the explorations and discoveries made by James Watt, Joseph Priestly and Joseph Banks.

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking provides an introduction but the show is really stolen by David Attenborough, whose charisma and grandfatherly onscreen presence make him a pleasure to watch as he describes the exploits of Joseph Banks.

The science presented covers the discovery of Oxygen, journeys around the world, vaccination and the industrial revolution. Important points in our country’s history but as we all know from school science lessons, without cool visuals and bunsen burners you can melt your pen on, science can be pretty uninteresting. Read More…

The Soup – 20 Years Of Taking Some E!: Joel McHale Interview

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Joel McHale has been holding television and celebrities to account for six years on E!’s The Soup with his sharp wit and biting remarks. In essence, he’s the closest thing America comes to having their own Charlie Brooker.

Since appearing in films like Spider Man 2 and Steven Soderbergh’s The Informant! it was about time he landed a big role which finally came to him in the form of NBC’s Community, due to hit British screens as soon as someone with any sense decides to syndicate it.

OTB met up with Joel in a swanky central London hotel to talk about The Soup, playing Jeff Winger in Community and comedy in general ahead of Monday’s 20 Years Of Taking Some E!. A true gentleman he spoke to us at length about projects past, present and future

Joel, what have been the highlights of presenting The Soup?

In terms of clips that were the greatest… Whitney Houston’s ‘kiss my ass’ is an incredible clip. Then there was the spaghetti cat. During one of those morning shows [like This Morning] the hosts were discussing a serious story about binge drinking and at one point- without explanation – they cut to a cat eating spaghetti. There was no explanation, nothing. They just carried on as if nothing had happened. So we decided it was art.

According to Woody Allen ‘Life doesn’t imitate art. It imitates bad television.’ Having watched so much awful TV do you agree?

Well, there was that study a few years ago where they asked kids what they wanted to do when they left school and most of them answered “be famous?. I was like, “what?? That’s like saying when I grow up I want to catch chlamydia. When I heard that, I thought the human race was doomed. Aliens would come down and deem us worthy to be killed. The sad thing is most people sign contracts for reality TV shows giving them free reign because they want to be famous. It’s really sad. Read More…

Bear Grylls Urban Survivor Review: Concrete Jungle

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Apparently Edward Michael Grylls is bored of drinking his own p**s and dragging some poor cameraman through the isolated environs of wherever, so this week he will be surviving in an ‘urban wasteland’. He’s talking about a disused Polish dock yard by the way – not Hull.

“This is what London might look like after an event like 9/11!” says Britain’s chief Scout as he performs a few utterly frivolous forward rolls on the roof of some warehouse. Well maybe Grylls, except that there would probably be a lot less munching of woodlice and a bit more looting of Argos.

As it turns out, our survival boffin spends an awful lot of time coming up with several progressively more elaborate ways in and out of the same building, before finding an abandoned Skoda to spend the night in. After four series, we can appreciate that he’s simply trying to find a new challenge, but when you know he can just walk out of the front gate of said industrial estate, the tension of surviving inside it is somewhat lost. Read More…

An African Journey Review: Out Of Africa

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I usually groan whenever I see that there’s a new documentary film crew travelling to Africa as it usually means that we’ll be treated to terrible images of poverty and human suffering for an hour. While these images are necessary and can raise awareness of the awful conditions people still live in, there’s no variety to these programs.

Thankfully, Jonathan Dimbleby’s exploration of Africa is a much needed change of pace for the representation of the continent. The mission statement for his journey is to ‘Explore an Africa that is in my view is too often forgotten, but too important to ignore.’

Starting off in Bamako, Mali, Dimbleby throws light onto the economical situation. Mali’s economy is improving by 5% each year – a surprising statistic for a third world country but proves that even the poorest countries can pull themselves up, no matter what state the rest of the world is in. Read More…

New Clip: Bear Grylls Makes A Bomb

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We’ve all seen notorious wildlife nerd Bear Grylls roughing it in the jungle and although watching him eat animal faeces is always entertaining, maybe it’s time for him to try something new. Well next Monday he will be testing his survival skills in an ‘urban wasteland’ (disused warehouse) for a couple of days. Apparently the only way to stay alive is to blow the c**p out of stuff. Go Bear!

History Cold Case Review: Back From The Dead

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HISTORY COLD CASE: Thursday 27th May, BBC 2, 9pm ALERT ME

BBC 2’s History Cold Case is, if anything, an unusual programme. The premise involves a team of modern forensic scientists analysing human skeletons in order to discover who they were, why they died and the circumstances under which they lived.

The team is headed by world-renowned Professor Sue Black OBE who works at the Centre For Human Anatomy & Identification based at the University of Dundee. Together they set about investigating various aspects of the case that could provide crucial clues to reveal the identity of the mystery corpse.

Using methods ranging from exploring the area where the remains were found to searching through burial archives at London Metropolitan, they strive towards the ultimate goal of physically recreating the person’s head using facial reconstruction techniques. Read More…

Video: Dunkirk – The Forgotten Heroes Clip

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If you’re feeling historical tomorrow then you might want to tune into Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes as this touching documentary tells the story of the thousands of men that were left behind in the Dunkirk evacuation.

Over 100, 000 men were deployed to Dunkirk and 40, 000 of them were captured and kept a secret by our own Government. They endured horrific conditions and by using archive footage and interviews with survivors, the film gives an insight into the horror and the heartbreak of war.

As part of the ‘Spirit of the 1940s’ season, Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes is definitely one to watch and you can catch it on Friday 28th May 2010, 5pm on the Yesterday channel.

Location, Location, Location Review: Housing Hell

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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Thursday 27th May, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

When are Kirstie and Phil finally going to bump uglies? OK, they’re both married but wouldn’t this be one of the most satisfying telly pairings ever?

Watching the two of them romping around the countryside rennovating houses together would probably be a better show than the current series of Location, Location, Location. Only a select few are really going to get their kicks from this show and half of those people are estate agents and property developers – the rest just can’t find the remote.

The show is relevant for the times with a lot of people out there struggling with the housing market but not even Kirstie and Phil’s casual flirtations can pique my interest anymore. Read More…

BBC Won’t Air Sherlock Holmes Pilot

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The BBC’s new Sherlock Holmes series won’t include the pilot episode.

According to reports in The Sun, the Beeb will be showing the three-part series but won’t include the pilot which reportedly cost £800,000 to produce. There’s a recession on, dontcha know?

A source told The Sun that, “It must have been a real stinker. BBC One controller Jay Hunt and drama head Ben Stephenson felt the pilot didn’t work so ordered the changes. The crew couldn’t just re-use footage because the series is now totally different.

The stories are now more intricate and detailed, so they basically had to start again.”

Does this obscene amount of money count as reckless spending though? They had originally intended to air the episode but apparently the road to inflated budgets is paved with unaired pilots. Sherlock stars Office actor Martin Freeman and is created by Doctor Who’s Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat but even that wasn’t enough to sway the BBC into showing the episode.

A spokesperson from the Beeb defended the decision in a statement. “As with the rest of the industry, we occasionally use pilots to experiment with the best ways of telling stories. As a result of this pilot we commissioned a series of three 90-minute episodes.”

Pilots are always different from the rest of the series but not too many other shows are dropping their first episodes. Shame on the BBC or not – drop a comment down below.

National Movie Awards

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nnationalmovieawardspotter300x210The stars were out last night for the National Movie Awards as voted for by the fans.

But by fans we mean Twi-hards as Twilight came up trumps, winning everything it was nominated for. We had to laugh when the fans got all excited over Robert Pattinson winning an award and then getting pissed off when he accepted via video message.

He shot the message from the set of his next movie Water For Elephants sporting a slightly less teen-vamp haircut. At least Peter Facinelli AKA Carlisle Cullen turned up joking that his secret is out that he’s ‘really a bottle blonde‘. Hilarious, Pete.

At least the Potter stars bothered to turn up – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright rocked the red carpet and picked up the gong for best fantasy movie, apologising for Rupert Grint’s absence as he was feeling a bit poorly.

Here’s a full list of winners from last night’s celebrations:

Best Action/Thriller:
Sherlock Holmes

Best Family Film:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Best Fantasy:
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Most Anticipated Movie Of The Year:
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Breathrough Movie:
The Time Traveler’s Wife

Performance of the Year:
Robert Pattinson

Special Recognition:
Harry Potter

Screen Icon Award:
Tom Cruise

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