Wildlife Shows ‘Breach Animals’ Privacy Rights’

April 30, 2010 by  
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Today’s WTF news story comes in the form of a loopy TV and Film Studies lecturer who has singled out the great David Attenborough for criticism after claimimng that filming animals without their permission is unethical.

The uber-hippy made the startling remarks after watching the ‘making of’ sequence of Attenborough’s BBC series, Nature’s Great Events.

“It might at first seem odd to claim that animals have a right to privacy,” said Dr Brett Mills. “It doesn’t matter what an animal does, or where it does it, it will be deemed fair game for the documentary.”

Dr Mills went on to explain that many animals avoid humans which would suggest that they weren’t happy to be filmed by peeping-toms like David Attenborough.

Piers Warren, founder of Filmmakers for Conservation looked puzzled by the comments and responded by saying: “How can you say whether an animal wants to be filmed? No animal will understand the concept.”

John says:

So the show breached the privacy right of animals. Perhaps Dr Brett Mills could elaborate on that the elephants, rhinos, caterpillars and frogs actually complained about when these creatures complained that their privacy rights were being breached.