Lewis Review: Classy Murder

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LEWIS: Sunday 2nd May, ITV1, 8.30pm ALERT ME

Forget the Antiques Road Show and Crufts, Lewis is easily the poshest show on television these days. The characters and suspects in this detective drama make the residents of Midsomer look like a group of backstage guests at a Jeremy Kyle show – but we’re not complaining.

Programmes like this create their own tangible atmosphere and have always been popular, indeed there is a certain cosiness to be found in watching a scheming bunch of apparently infallible ra-ras getting their comeupence.

In this first episode of a brief series, an Oxford academic (who else) is found murdered on a tour bus. Eventually Lewis and his assistant Det Sgt Hathaway end up at the obligatory stately home and the investigation begins at a rather pedestrian pace. It just so happens that Hathaway spent some of his childhood at the mansion in question.

On this evidence he was probably thrown out for not talking like he had a plum orchard in his mouth. These aristocrats use phrases like ‘spit spot’ and ‘frightfully’ without any sense of irony so it’s pretty safe to assume that they are up to no good.