Embarassing Bodies (Kids) Review: Child’s Play

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EMBARASSING BODIES (KIDS): Friday 30th April, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

Having checked up on rotting anuses, oddly shaped penises and skin boils from the adult population, the Embarrassing Bodies team turn their latex gloved hands to the illness-shamed kids of our society. Here, we see them travelling to various youth friendly spots to park their medical van like benevolent child-snatchers.

I thought it was going to be a bit wrong to watch the intimate problems of children, but, as expected, there isn’t the same kind of revealing examinations we get with the adult version. Where there was once U-shaped cocks, we now have bowel problems and lice. The results are, admittedly, not as weirdly compelling – but makes for almost as good a programme.

Indeed, what with their lower immune system and penchant for putting stuff in their mouths, kids are very susceptible to nasty illnesses. We have a kid with eating problems, a girl with faeces issues, a boy with goggly eyes and a girl with nits. Probably the worst example on this edition of the show is the nits. It’s not just a case of itching and discomfort, however, we’re talking big crawling things all over the scalp and enough eggs for a full English breakfast. How it got to that stage, I’ll never know. After plenty of hoovering and shampooing, the little girl is finally free of her unwanted inhabitants.

Psychological problems are also addressed as we encounter a little boy who can’t eat solid food. He is sent to a specialist and we see how his strange aversion to different textures, caused by Hypertension, results in a dislike for various foods. It’s interesting to see his progression in a condition not so much an embarassing superficial eyesore, as more a mental problem.

The male doctor, played by Ken from ‘Ken and Barbie’, is in his best patronising mode – keen to address the problem of teasing and bullying that goes with these illnesses that adults don’t necessarily encounter. I’m surprised the young ‘uns aren’t scared off by his skin tight attire and perfectly parted hair. I’d rather the lice, to be honest.

Although the adult Embarassing Bodies is undoubtedly better, this version is just as oddly addictive. Like a car crash, you cannot help but crane your neck and watch.