Scream If You Know The Answer Trailer

April 28, 2010 by  
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There’s a new series beginning on Watch this Sunday and it’s mostly made up of celebrities riding on rollercoasters. Now that might not sound like too much fun, but when we remember that these C-Listers will be forced to team up with members of the public and answer questions as they fly round we become a little more interested.

Add the fact that the BBC’s new golden boy Colin Murray will be providing Scream If You Know The Answer’s voice-over, and the prospect of watching the likes of Katie Price, Ben Shephard, Jennie Bond, Kyran Brackan, Amir Khan, Suzanne Shaw and Anthea Turner being subjected to Thorpe Park’s most viscous rides doesn’t seem so bad. We just hope someone throws up…

Scream If You Know The Answer begins at 7pm on Sunday 2nd May on Watch.