Glee Boss Considering Britney Episode

April 28, 2010 by  
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After the success of Sue Sylvester’s performance of Madonna’s Vogue in this week’s episode of Glee on the internet, it has emerged that show boss Brad Falchuk is thinking about making an entire episode dedicated to Britney Spears.

Last week it emerged that Spears’ manager had been actively campaigning for a special helping of Glee, based on the songs of his client.

Falchuk admitted that he was considering the prospect and said: “The stories always come first and we need to start breaking those stories next week and figuring out what the episodes are for season two. We’re very intrigued by Britney. She’s a pop icon, so it’s hard not to perk your ears up when she comes a-calling.”

However he was quick to warn against the show becoming dominated by tribute episodes.

“We are not going to become a show that does only themed episodes,” he said. “That’s not really what the show’s about. But you know, with 22 episodes if you have one or two in a season, I think that can be quite fun.”