Labour Call In 24 Director To Save Election Campaign

April 27, 2010 by  
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After trying to recruit Jack Bauer to oversee their election campaign and discovering that he was in fact not real, Labour Party bosses have settled for the next best thing: 24 chief Stephen Hopkins.

In a bid to get the other parties to focus on policies and not PR, Gordon Brown’s men have signed up the director to create them a new election broadcast due to be aired on Wednesday.

Following Labour’s failure to get the other parties to agree that Thursday’s final TV debate should not be weighted so heavily towards personality, the short feature will show an imaginary future which might be brought to bear if the Tories win the election in nine days time.

“It is a piece of drama, slightly sinister, fairytale-ish,” Hopkins told The Guardian. “It is the same sort of style I shoot in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers – stronger, more eclectic, more adult, not a documentary style. Dark but humorous. I don’t think Kiefer would have fitted very well in this, I don’t think this is his cup of tea.”