BGT: Simon Cowell To Quit ‘Horror Auditions’

April 27, 2010 by  
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Simon Cowell has revealed that next year he will sit the Britain’s Got Talent Auditions out after witnessing too many horrific acts this year (and as we found out there have been a few).

“I like the show but it takes a hell of a lot of time,” said Cowell. “You sit watching horrific acts and think ‘I genuinely can’t do this any more’.”

The TV judge who has several other commitments – not least across the pond – told reporters that he wouldn’t be joining the panel of next year’s show until the semi-final stage and also admitted that he will be leaving the show all together in the future.

“I will eventually leave but nothing is decided yet,” said the man with the oddest hair-cut on TV. “We launch US X Factor next year too which is a huge challenge.”

It has been reported that Louis Walsh is on the brink of signing up for the American version amid rumours that no one could understand what Cheryl Cole was saying.