Denise Welch: “I Snorted Coke On Corrie Set..”

April 26, 2010 by  
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Denise Welch has revealed that she had a cocaine habit while working on Coronation Street and once even got a dealer to deliver her drugs on set.

The Loose Women host opened up about her fight with drugs and depression by talking about her lowest point in her new autobiography.

The actress, who played Weatherfield barmaid Natalie Barnes from 1997 until 2000, says she did lines in a backstage bathroom while her co-stars were filming scenes to mark Betty Driver’s on-screen and real-life 80th birthday celebrations.

In her new autobiography, which is being serialised in a newspaper, she wrote: “I’d become the master of getting out of scenes in the Rovers. I’d always be saying something like ‘Don’t you think Natalie would be in the toilet? Or in the Rovers living room?’ It was ridiculous, but this was a particularly awful day and I felt very low. When you suffer with depression, it can just hit you like that at any time and I could feel myself slipping.”

“I didn’t have any drugs on me and I knew the only way I could possibly keep going and stay on an even keel was to get some more,” she added. “A dealer came to meet me in a side street. I knew I was taking my life in my hands. Not only by meeting a dealer who would have been known to the police but also because I could have lost my job. I could have been all over the papers.”

“You’re rarely more famous than when you’re in Corrie. Demi Moore would have had a better chance of getting away with it than someone on Coronation Street,” she said.

OK Denise…