America’s Got T@lent

April 26, 2010 by  
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If you think that there are enough bizarre auditions and weirdos on America’s Got Talent, then think again. Clearly not happy with the amount of content, our U.S friends have set up an online audition process for people wanting to appear.

Youtube, the online video streaming giant, has been teamed up with by NBC and the show’s producers to allow uploads from anyone, anywhere.

Once all admissions have been taken, the top 40 will appear on a special youtube channel to be voted for by users. Along with eleven other selected video submitters, one top voted act will perform live on the competition.

“This audacious new twist to the audition process offers our viewers not only a priceless golden ticket to get into the biggest stage in the country…but also the opportunity for a thrilling live show where anything can happen? said Paul Telegdy of NBC.

America’s Got Talent will return to NBC on June 1