Tory Eggheads Edition Pulled At Last Minute

April 23, 2010 by  
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An edition of Eggheads was pulled at the last minute becuase it featured a team of Tories.

BBC bosses decided airing the show, in which the contending team was made up of members of the Torbay Conservative Club Quiz League, Devon, was “too politically sensitive”.

The show, hosted by Dermot Murnaghan, was due to go out immediately after a Tory party election broadcast but was replaced with a celeb DJ version at the last minute.

Captain of the team, called the Con Artists, told The Sun: “The BBC rang me at about a minute to six to say that, as they had just aired a Tory election broadcast, they couldn’t put us on.

“They said they’d call when they had a new date, I’m assuming after the election. We were all sat around with drinks and TV recorders at the ready when they called.”

The BBC said: “In line with guidelines, an edition of Eggheads which features a team associated with a political party will be shown after the election.”

It is thought the BBC will balance the edition with quiz teams from other parties including Labour supporting Well Red and Liberal Democrat team The Cleggheads.