South Park Censored!

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Scientologists, Jews, Harry Potter, Catholics, film stars, politicians, Tiger Woods, in fact just about everyone has been lampooned by those irreverent wags Matt Stone and Trey Parker over the last decade.

However now South Park appears to have reached its limits within mainstream American television. Viewers were taken aback this week when an episode featuring the prophet Muhammad dressed in a bear costume had bleeps and “Censored” blocks slapped liberally throughout to remove all audio and visual reference to the prophet.

The censorship followed a warning from a New York based Islamist group which could have been construed as a death threat. On its website, the group reacted to last week’s episode by saying show creators “will probably end up like Theo Van Gogh.”

The Dutch film-maker was murdered in 2004 after making a movie which questioned the abuse of women in Muslim culture.

Many fans of the show – who have long held the South Park creators as writers who treat nothing and nobody as sacred – breathed a sigh of relief when Comedy Central confessed that it was responsible for the cuts. “I can’t go into the thinking behind it, but I can confirm it was Comedy Central that inserted the bleeps and not South Park,” a spokesman for the station said.

Bertie Fox says:

Giving in to the bullies and religious fanatics who want to force everyone to believe what they believe is not the way to defend our freedoms.
If just one or two courageous satirists, comedians and political leaders speak out, it’s easy for these doctrinaire extremists to target them.
But if it was done by ALL in the media, and supported by the public at large, then we can’t all be targeted. And what’s more, we can fight back.
I respect those with beliefs, whether Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and so on, but I also respect those who reject all religion as superstitious nonsense.
There must be a clear division between religion and the State and there is no place for any religion to impinge on the lives of the rest of us.

suraci says:

The man behind

Al-Khattab, 41*, was formerly a Jew named Joseph Cohen, who grew up and lived amongst the Hassidic communities in Williamsburg. He converted to Islam “almost a decade ago.?*

Showing a heavily censored episode of SouthPark plays right into the “Muslims are evil” canard, one which helps the Zionist cause. Investigate Zionist terror for a real masterclass.