Gervais & Merchant Reveal New Sit-Com

April 21, 2010 by  
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While the jury is still out on Ricky Gervais’ movie writing ability (Cemetrey Junction: good – The Invention Of Lying: not so good) his talent as a TV comedy writer has never been in question.

So like us you will probably be very excited to hear that he and his partner-in-crime Steven Merchant are creating a new series called Life’s Too Short.

The comedy will centre on actor Warwick Davies (Harry Potter, Star Wars and of course Willow) who is 3ft 6in tall.

“It’s about his life – the life of a showbiz dwarf,” Gervais told the Radio Times. “He plays himself, we play ourselves, it’s sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Gervais also suggested that the show might not be on the BBC, saying: “They can bid for it! Yes, it is for the BBC. At the moment.”