The Pacific Review: Battling The Jungle

April 19, 2010 by  
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After watching this week’s episode of The Pacific, we are beginning to wonder what the hell the Americans were thinking when they got themselves embroiled in Viet Nam a couple of decades after the pesky ‘Japs’ were defeated.

Tonight, Leckie and his mates are wandering around the woodlands of Polynesia and after repelling a nighttime Banzai attack, they find that the jungle has become they’re real enemy – “well at least we’ll know better for next time..” hmmm.

Episode 4 is another slice of top-notch entertainment from Spielberg, Hanks and Co. It may have been said before, but it certainly bears repeating: This show really looks the business. The blood, sweat and tears all ring true to produce an experience rather than a programme – it’s easy to see why so many people have become hooked in to this multi-million dollar series.

This week’s assault on the senses is headed up by Pte Leckie (James Badge Dale) who starts to suffer from an embarrassing urine problem in the wake of the incessant jungle downpour. He’s not the only one flipping out. In one of those powerful moments – which are usually no more than 10 minutes away when you’re watching The Pacific – he witnesses a new recruit meticulously undress himself and blowing his brains out.

That’s what the weather can do to you I suppose – just ask Britain’s team of binge-drinkers.

Leckie is soon packed off to a psychiatric ward on the island of Pavuvu for some much-needed rest-cure. But when he finds that Gibson has been admitted to the same ward for trying to steal a plane home he (and we) begin to appreciate how easily men can slide into madness.

More please.