BGT: Cowell Talks Of ‘Different Approach’ After Su-Bo

April 16, 2010 by  
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Simon Cowell has confirmed that he will be approaching Britian’s Got Talent in a “very different way” this year after the controversy which the show attracted in 2009.

The selection process was called into question after Susan Boyle flipped out and was checked into The Priory after succumbing to the pressure of the live shows. Cowell confirmed that producers will now try to determine whether acts can cope with the spotlight before the judges consider putting them through to the live.

“Because of what happened last year with Susan, we are aware of what can happen to people,” he told The Mirror So 12 months later you approach it in a very, very different way and you are aware that pressure can do all sorts of things to people.

“You are hyper, hyper aware of any audition you do. You have to feel they can cope with what is coming if you put them through. They are under massive, massive scrutiny now and it is one of those things.”

He added: “I’m glad I gave Susan the opportunity. I wouldn’t change that because we are helping her live her dreams, we are giving her a shot.”