Louis Down With The Kids

April 15, 2010 by  
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Ever one to get to the very heart of a problem with a dry, British wit, Louis Theroux is now turning is documentary making hands to the medicated children of America.

Airing on Sunday at 9pm, BBC 2 play host to the excellent producer and journalist as he questions the motives and reasons for prescribing drugs to children as young as 6. Louis travelled to the Western Psychiatric Institute in Pittsburgh to meet kids, families and doctors who think medication is the only way to deal with their ‘problem’ children. It is estimated that between five to eight per cent of all American school children have been labelled as having ADHD, with 60,000 being administered medication for it. He was suitably shocked with the results he found.

Having recently turned his unflinching journalistic eye to Crystal Meth addicts across the pond, this one is sure to be worth a look.