New Britain’s Got Talent Hopefuls

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Britain’s Got Talent is back again this weekend and we’re all looking forward to seeing the strange and insane inhabitants of our little island on the television (rather than sitting next to us on the bus).

This year’s round of auditions confirms the rich supply of oddballs we have in this country and this masked ‘interpretive dance act’ are as odd as they come. Unsurprisingly these lycra-clad performers did not go down well with the judges.

One act that was well received was an enthusiastic spoon player (below). The energetic pensioner whipped the crowd into a frenzy as they sang along to his WW2 classic.

But it was a pair of dancers that really got people talking in the opening stages of this year’s event. The duo performed a dance routine that would have put the Strictly.. crew to shame (below).

An insider on the ITV1 show told The Sun: “They had loads of energy and there were lots of high kicks. The crowd really loved them.”

A ventriloquist with a talking toilet did not get such warm praise from Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell in Glasgow. Unfortunately the poor Scot’s protests that “everyone loves toilet humour” fell on deaf ears.

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