Human Target Review: Bullseye

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HUMAN TARGET: Wednesday 14th April, Sci-Fi Channel, 10pm ALERT ME

Sometimes all you want from a TV programme is mindless entertainment, and that’s what I thought I was going to get with Human Target. But colour me surprised, I got a cool, fast-paced action show that had more brains that it gave itself credit for.

Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is a human target for hire. If you’re being blackmailed or have received death threats, Chance inserts himself into your life until whoever’s behind it is revealed and then he eliminates the threat. It’s a simple enough premise that makes for an action packed crime show which is a lot of fun without classic clich├ęs.

In this pilot episode, Chance is hired to protect a high profile train designer who’s been having death threats in the run up to the launch of a new bullet train. Chance poses as her translator to infiltrate the launch party aboard the train and as it whizzes through California at 200mph, the assassin makes his move on Chance’s client.

Backed up by business partner Winston (Chi McBride) and genius/badass Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley), Chance must somehow get off the train but things get tricky when the assassin messes with the brake lines.

Chance is a great character who’s not afraid to shoot you in the head if he has to – he’s like the John McClane of TV. Mark Valley gets to show off his fighting skills as Chance gets into fisticuffs with a bad guy, whoops his ass and inevitably saves the day. The cast are a fun mix of personalities with Haley making a surprising turn on TV considering his movie career is so hot right now. McBride simply plays a more serious version of his Pushing Daisies character – the detective dealing with unpredictable co-workers and kooky scenarios.

The whole show is uber cool and the climax of the case looks fantastic considering it’s a Sci-Fi channel show – they can be very dodgy at times. But Human Target is fast paced with action sequences that James Bond would be proud of and it’s not buried in character backstory and exposition. Hopefully this Sci-Fi series will have some legs and last past it’s first season.