Health & Safety Bans EastEnders Slaps

April 13, 2010 by  
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Health and safety chiefs at the BBC have moved to stop the cast of EastEnders from slapping each other for real in the show.

The soap has long prided itself on the genuine nature of the smacks that the stars hand out to each other (on a very reular basis) but bosses have ordered fake slapping in the future.

Of course the real irony is that while producers are phasing out slappers, Kat Slater will be re-joining the cast.

Actor John Partridge, who plays gay Christian Clarke, yesterday told The Sun: “We want to do real slaps but health and safety won’t let us, they say it’s got to be staged.”

Partridge told how Preeya Kalidas, Amira Shah on the show, smacked him recently but bosses made the pair fake it for the final take and a stunt co-ordinator was called to oversee Zainab slap him over the New Year.

“I thought, ‘What? We need a stunt co-ordinator for a slap?'” said Nina Wadia who plays Zainab.