Foyle’s War Review: Foyled Again

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FOYLE’S WAR: Sunday 11th April, ITV1, 8pm ALERT ME

Apparently back due to overwhelming public demand, ITV have kept faith once more with their longstanding forties drama Foyle’s War.

Anthony Horowitz’s trusted replacement for the midweek powerhouse that was Inspector Morse, will for a seventh series, transport audiences back in time to England during the Second World War.

And in particular to the South-coast town of Hastings. Goodness knows why this popular weekend retreat has been chosen as the desired location for hoards of war-time criminals, but it has. For that very reason, troubled old Detective Christopher Foyle must postpone his demise for just one more year.

As all good ITV detectives have always done, Foyle (played by Michael Kitchen) makes use of his two sidekicks, D.S Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) and Police Driver Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks).

Unfortunately riddled with murderers and black-market traders, the seaside haven of Hastings is under threat again but this time from a very different foe. A Russian prisoner of war is on the run from the British Army after he escapes during a very confusing incident involving a child and a football. You’ll see what I mean.

But that’s not that big a problem surely? Well according to British Intelligence the Russian is capable of doing much more than stealing a few sticks of rock. Worried that the man from Moscow is ready to whip up the Hastings populous into a communist faction, the British Army send in their finest weapon. Foyle.

Resembling a weary Blood Hound, the Detective leads his crew along the typical crime-drama pathway of twists, turns, heartbreak and difficult decisions.

Akin to looking at an old photograph to have a giggle at the clothes and the hairstyles, Foyle’s War will remind you that what you have seen before will come round again, and again, and again.

However, the people of Hastings really should count themselves lucky to have such a dedicated law enforcer around to deal with the horrendous problems that continually come their way.

Personally, I would just move.