Louis Walsh ‘Bruce Forsyth Is Too Old To Be Alive’

April 8, 2010 by  
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Louis ‘King of the Pixies’ Walsh has struck out at Bruce Forsyth after yesterday’s news that Brucie was talking smack about the X Factor.

Talking to the Evening Standard Louis hit out at Brucie after he claimed that X Factor was not entertaining.

“He doesn’t know anything about young people or modern entertainment. His time is finished.”

At 82 we know that Brucie’s brand of comedy isn’t as fresh as it once was but Louis took his defence of X Factor a touch too far.

“Brucie is too old. He’s from a different era. He shouldn’t even be alive at his age.”
Oh no he didn’t!

We think it’s pretty funny that Louis Walsh of all people is judging what is quality entertainment. This is the man that thrust Jedward into the public eye and though it’s not technically against the law, we’re pretty sure that that deserves a death sentence.

Michael says:

Bruce Forsyth is a legend and infintitely more entertaining then anything that moron has ever done or will ever do. A man with such limited talent should be careful who he slags off.