How I Met Your Mother Review: Groan Up Comedy

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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Thursday 8th April, E4 9.30pm ALERT ME

‘Happy Days is filmed in front of a live studio audience.’

That show was a prime example of the glorious live laughter you could enjoy when a show avoids a laugh track.

But for some unknown reason, How I Met Your Mother thinks it’s too good for an audience, opting instead for the annoying canned laughter.

Unfortunately, this device only serves to highlight the fact that this show, despite being labelled as a comedy, has nothing even remotely funny to offer.

If you’re a fan of the show then you’re probably a hardcore Neil Patrick Harris or Jason Segel fan or it means your TV can only pick up E4. Tonight’s episode sees Ted (Josh Radnor) finding out that he’s been fired from his job as an architect at Goliath National Bank. Barney and Marshall are forced to admit that they’ve been lying to Ted to cover up that fact, even going so far as to pay people to pretend to be in meetings with him.

Meanwhile Robin (Cobie Smulders) admits that she once almost slept with a Canadian celebrity and Lily (Alyson hannigan) becomes obsessed with finding out who it was.

Despite being a well crafted show with interesting characters, the pathetic attempts at comedy continue to fall flat, making the show feel hopelessly hollow.

The actors are perfectly competent but Jason Segel’s Marshall is endlessly boring and despite his comedy chops, Segel brings zero charm to the role, preferring to be in a sappy romantic daze in every episode. Neil Patrick Harris’ scenes as womanizer Barney were the ones that had me closest to laughing, followed by Cobie Smulders as Barney’s ex Robin.

It’s mildly entertaining and the characters might draw you into the series but other than that I fail to see how this show made it past its third season. You deserve better.

Rach says:

Hmmm. I love HIMYM, and yes I’m a fan of both NPH and Jason Segel, but that’s SINCE watching the show, not why I watch the show. I fell in love with both of them (all five cast members in fact) because the show is routinely hysterical. Have you had your funny bone removed or something?

Also, you should check your facts before you post articles. How I Met Your Mother does not “think it’s too good for an audience” – it would be physically impossible to shoot the show with an audience because of the number of flash backs/cuts etc. It would make literally zero sense to a studio audience. But that is not canned laughter (not the normal kind at least), the finished episode is played to a studio audience AFTER the editing process has taken place. Their laughter is recorded, in tact, in the right places, and that is the laughter track they use for the show. Genuine laughter.

Chosenottogive says:

I have to say I disagree!