Paxman Acclaims University Challenge Boffin

April 7, 2010 by  
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Anyone who watched this week’s final of University Challenge will no doubt know exactly who Alex Guttenplan is.

The 19 year-old essentially defeated St John’s College, Oxford on his own. The man is a breathing wikipedia, he is to general knowledge what Lionel Messi is to football.

It’s not often that Jeremy Paxman starts gushing in the middle of a show, (he’s usually to busy ‘hurrying’ the mortals who don’t know what isomerism is) but on Monday he did just that.

After branding Guttenplan ‘a machine’, Paxman responded to another correct answer from the Emmanuel College student by saying: “Spectacularly good guess, well done. Maybe it wasn’t a guess, I’m sorry I insult you.”

After the show Guttenplan thanked the host for his ‘good humour’ and has now become a hit on social networking sites. Someone steal his lunch money.