Masterchef Final Three: Jus Gonna Be The Winner?

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MASTERCHEF FINAL: Wednesday 7th April, BBC1, 9pm ALERT ME

Not since those deep furrowed lines appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s forehead has cookery been so serious.

The Masterchef finalists are about to face their final cook-off, and there will no doubt be more percolates, foams and reductions produced in tonight’s showdown than the number of garish wardrobe choices judge John Torode has made throughout the series.

So far this week the three amateur chefs have cooked for royalty in Jodhpur, India, and prepared dinner for renowned chef Alain Ducasse, but tonight judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace have come up with two final culinary tests.

First the trio will head off to multi-Michelin star restaurants in France, Italy and Holland to cook lunch – although this will certainly be a far cry from your cheese ploughmans or fried egg sarnie!

They will then cook a 3-course meal; their last chance at cooking inventive, piquant menus to impress the judges and their last attempt to make greengrocer Wallace announce in his odd, semi-cockney lilt, ‘awww, that’s nice. That is nice.’

Finalists Tim Kinnaird, Dhruv Baker and Alex Rushmer may be ready to get their creative juices flowing, but the competition has become increasingly close and who will take the title tonight remains almost solely down to this one final performance.

The beauty of the contest is that even at this late stage, a people’s choice is yet to emerge from the field. Alex has about as much charisma as a wet dishcloth and yet he has probably been the most consistent, often producing comestible works of art as he minces about the kitchen. Dhruv is less flamboyant but equally talented, although perhaps not quite so much of a drip. Tim is a tad more interesting than his counterparts, but quite honestly none of them would be up for personality of the year awards. However the nosh these amateurs have produced is remarkable.

So in a nutshell (served on a bed of TV -gold-infused mash drizzled with a top-ratings jus) tonight’s show promises to be a spectacular fusion of exciting cuisine and mildly amusing facial expressions from judges and contestants alike. Sit back with your microwave meal and enjoy the drama.

Cooking does not get taffer than this!

maradona12 says:

Dhruv won. Bringing the asian back! Alex is a drip!

joanna says:

so true – that gregg guy has the most ridiculous voice!

rachel says:

Absolutely love this show! Dhruv to win!