Bruce Forsyth ‘X Factor’s Boring’

April 7, 2010 by  
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Strictly Come Dancing host and TV Untouchable Bruce Forsyth has laid a smackdown on his show’s competitor X Factor.

Brucie told The Mirror, “It’s not my cup of tea, I haven’t watched an entire show. I can’t hear people singing for two hours, that to me is not entertainment.”

You tell ’em Bruce! Unfortunately, a lot more people think that X Factor is actually entertaining which is why it whooped Strictly’s ass in the ratings during the last season.

“I’m an old variety performer, I want to see a juggler, or something to break it up. I hate seeing people disappointed in public. It can be embarrassing at times.”

Well Brucie might think that balls in the air is entertainment, and in the right part of Soho he’s right, but for the most part the public seem to love X Factor rather than watching celebrities falling arse over elbow on Strictly.

We usually agree with Brucie as he is a wise old TV sage, but has he lost touch with what the public want?