Justin Lee Collins Bans Katie Price From Show

April 6, 2010 by  
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Bearded wonder Justin Lee Collins has struck out against Katie Price by basically saying that without Peter Andre at her side, he can’t handle her.

JLC has banned the glamour model from his new show Justin Lee Collins: Good Times according to The Sun.

“I wouldn’t want her on. I’d take Alex Reid if his alter-ego Roxanne wouldn’t do it.” Now that’s a show we’d watch.

“She did the Friday Night Project with Peter Andre. Peter acted as her filter and calmed her down. Without Peter there’s no filter. She’ll say whatever’s in her head and literally doesn’t care.”

But don’t unpredictable guests make the best TV? I guess JLC is trying to be a bit more mature now having given up the childish antics of The Sunday Night Project.

JLC also told The Sun about his most difficult guest so far. Apparently, pop star Rhianna was a bit of a diva and JLC wasn’t impressed.

“With a guest like Rihanna, everyone on that show works under a time constraint. Her people give you eight minutes to do the interview. There’s a list of what you can and can’t ask. It makes things difficult. I’d rather speak to Yvette Fielding or Gok Wan. You get better value.”

Well who wouldn’t want to sit down for a chat with Aunty Gok?