Castle Review: Moat Of The Same

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CASTLE: Wednesday 7th April, ALIBI, 9pm

What do you get when you cross a story which is probably too long for an hour long special with an American production team with a penchant for clichés?

Well, the answer could be pretty much any show from across the pond these days, Brothers and Sisters, Heroes, Flash Forward, Lost and now there’s another that OTB would like to add to that list – Castle. Yes all the clichés and generic emotional journeys of discovery are evident in abundance in this new series, but with a difference, the storyline is actually pretty good.

Rick Castle, played by Desperate Housewives star Nathan Fillion, is a famous murder mystery novelist, and when he helps solve a spate of murders closely resembling the ones that occurred in his books he is drafted in by the NYPD to help in further cases. Of course this leads to an unlikely pairing with Detective Kate Beckett, a seemingly hardline NYPD cop with a point to prove. Naturally, she has her own ghosts in the closet which promise to raise their ugly heads at some point in the series.

Unfortunately once the murder mystery is laid bare and the viewer begins to try and work out who the killer could be, the show totally loses the plot. It tries to tackle too much in the little time it has and the one good thing it has going for it – the murder mystery theme – is substituted for what one can only assume is what the producers think will give the show a broader appeal.

Far too much time is spent on cringe-worthy allusions to a blossoming romance between the two lead characters and this happens at the expense of key details that would have helped flesh out the mystery and made the frankly ludicrous eureka moment when the cops work out the case a little bit more believable.

For a long time now there’s been these long running series where seemingly unconnected characters are all joined for some overarching reason. Of course we never find out that reason until the show becomes unpopular and we’ve already stopped caring.

Castle may avoid that fate simply by the show’s ability to move on to a new case if the old one isn’t working out but this means a large part of the show’s success will be based on the strength of the characters and the actors’ ability to endear themselves towards the viewer.

Unfortunately with a script as contrived as an East End soap opera and a storyline already as predictable as the British weather, OTB reckons it won’t be too long until old man Castle will have to find himself a new job.