Doctor Who Review: The Eleventh Hour

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DOCTOR WHO: Saturday 3rd April, BBC1, 6.20pm ALERT ME

After all the hype, internet chat and discussion about just how old Matt Smith really is, at long last it’s time for the talking to stop and the action to start. Yes folks, the most anticipated debut of the year so far is upon us and we are delighted (and very relieved) to tell you that it has been worth the wait.

As the most popular Doctor of all time, David Tennant was always going to be hard to follow but Smith manages superbly, he is beautifully unhinged yet fabulously energetic from the word go.

Steven Moffat can also pat himself on the back. After the Christmas specials we had high expectations for this new series but Doctor Who fans will be licking their lips at the prospect of this series. This is rapid stuff, from the excellent opening sequence in which Smith struggles to regain control of a warping Tardis to the leading climax, the adrenaline flows freely.

When the Doctor does manage to land his sticken vessel he is greeted by a young girl who will eventually grow up to be his excellently cast companion Amy Pond. She has an odd crack in her bedroom wall which also happens to be a tear in the space-time continuum and over a disjointed 14 year montage, they get to know each other and realise that it may take more than a trip to Homebase to solve her DIY problem. It just so happens that the crack is also a portal to an alien jail from which the multiform Prisoner Zero has escaped.

This isn’t the very finest piece of work that Moffat has produced but there are enough nostalgic nods to the past and tantalising clues to the future to make the fans desperate for more. In young Miss Pond we also sense the approach of a Ross/Rachel style ‘will they? won’t they?’ scenario which makes us very excited. It’s about time the Doctor got some action…