Ashes To Ashes Review: Flaming Good

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ASHES TO ASHES: Friday 2nd April, BBC 1, 9pm ALERT ME

Fire up the Quattro! The third and final series of Ashes to Ashes has arrived and believe me, it’s back with a bang. With a “wakey wakey Drakey? from the hard-nosed DCI Gene Hunt, Alex Drake has awoken from her coma in the present day after being shot at the end of series two.

A nightmarish walk round Dixons sees the old crew appearing on a wall of TV screens begging for Drake to return. So is it all in Alex’s imagination or is it, well what is it? Not to worry, an ambiguous leap back in time later, and it’s 1983 and there’s a new case to crack.

A young girl has been kidnapped and there’s a £50,000 ransom. Can our cops help matters or are they just making things worse? Of greater concern to the team is DCI Jim Keats played brilliantly by Daniel Mays. Keats is here to investigate the accidental shooting and could prove a match for Hunt. Will his presence prove even more important for Drake though?

The loveably vile Gene retains his way with words telling Ray Carling that if he doesn’t change his clothes he’ll: ‘paint his balls the colour of hazlenuts and inform a bag of squirrels that winter’s coming’.

As ever, there’s the fantastic period get-up and references to 8-bit computers, Tandys and video-tapes. There’s the regular scotch swilling and plenty of wheel spinning in (now) classic cars. There’s another filing-cabinet worth of unanswered questions and all our favourite characters are bang on form.

If this series starter is anything to go by then we’re in for a good one. And with the trailers promising: “in the end, the truth will out?, it’s only seven more episodes until we find out what on earth’s going on.