Home Defeat For BGT

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If you ever wondered who ruled the roost in this great nation of ours amongst reality television and football, I think we have an answer.

The Champions League Final has officially ousted the ever increasingly popular Britain’s Got Talent. It has been revealed that Amanda Holden, Cowell and co. will have to ply their trade on a Sunday to make way for the football.

Indeed, for the first time in the soccer competition’s history, the final Champion’s League game will feature on a weekend. ITV will be showing Mourinho do battle with Bayern Munich ahead of the all singing, all dancing talent show.

A source told the Mirror, “We can’t squeeze BGT on before, especially as football fans will want to hear Jose’s mind games in the build up to the match between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich?.

The new slot for BGT will be on God’s day, May 23rd. It continues tomorrow, however, at 8pm as normal.

Lewis Review: Classy Murder

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LEWIS: Sunday 2nd May, ITV1, 8.30pm ALERT ME

Forget the Antiques Road Show and Crufts, Lewis is easily the poshest show on television these days. The characters and suspects in this detective drama make the residents of Midsomer look like a group of backstage guests at a Jeremy Kyle show – but we’re not complaining.

Programmes like this create their own tangible atmosphere and have always been popular, indeed there is a certain cosiness to be found in watching a scheming bunch of apparently infallible ra-ras getting their comeupence.

In this first episode of a brief series, an Oxford academic (who else) is found murdered on a tour bus. Eventually Lewis and his assistant Det Sgt Hathaway end up at the obligatory stately home and the investigation begins at a rather pedestrian pace. It just so happens that Hathaway spent some of his childhood at the mansion in question. Read More…

I’m In A Rock N’ Roll Band: Can I Be Too?

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I’M IN A ROCK N’ ROLL BAND: Saturday 1st May, BBC2, 9.40pm ALERT ME

I’m In A Rock N Roll Band is both exciting and depressing at the same time. The intoxicated, responsibility free existence of rock bands is something we can only admire from afar as we watch our heroes on television screens or atop elevated stages. It showcases an existence that you and I will never obtain.

Within a well stocked 30 minutes, we get a decent insight into the life of a rock band, and more specifically, the frontman. With a rostrum of impressive contributors, this BBC show packs a lot of punch. You can’t argue with the opinions of the likes of Shaun Ryder, Iggy Pop, Johnny Marr, Sting and Alice Cooper – they’ve been there, done that and snorted the t-shirt.

So, what makes a rock singer then? “You’ve got to be a fucking knob ‘ed”, Shaun Ryder offers. Well, quite. Confidence, arrogance and narcissism must all adorn the CV of the best leaders, because if we don’t want to be them or wish to have sex with them, what’s the point? Read More…

Heroes Review: Fall From Grace

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HEROES: Saturday 1st May, BBC2, 10.40pm ALERT ME

The title of the Heroes season 4 finale is prescient in more ways than one, as Brave New World sees a possible new direction for the empowered characters as well as mirroring the show’s uncertain future.

Ever since the WGA writers strike cut season two in half, the show has been on something of a downward trajectory; in ratings at least. The season four premiere drew in only 6 million viewers in the US, down 46% from the previous season opener and figures in the UK have dropped to 0.74 million as of February 8th, compared to a season three peak of around 3.8 million.

This has lead to widespread rumours that NBC may be forced to cancel the show before season 5, although actors like Greg Grunberg and Ali Larter have come out in support of the franchise; Larter recently commenting, “I think we’re coming back for Heroes for another season. I think, but I’m not sure. It’s been such a thrill being on that show and I hope that we have the chance to sort of wrap up those storylines for all the fans of it. So you guys have to go and blog and get on there.? Read More…

Ashes To Ashes Review: Fiery Plot

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ASHES TO ASHES: Friday 30th April, BBC1, 9pm ALERT ME

Having woken up from a bullet induced coma, Alex Drake is, like us, thrown into a whole new and mysterious case in this the fifth episode of the final series of Ashes to Ashes. With the ever-smouldering DCI Gene Hunt by her side – the confident policewoman is seemingly just as effective as she was pre-shooting.

As usual with Ashes to Ashes, we are treated to a snappy script and riveting, colliding plot strands. A dodgy porn deal is broken up at the outset by the no-nonsense Hunt. As a red Audi Quattro’s tyres squeal with exuberance, its course is interrupted unceremoniously by a black metallic rival.

Indeed, this week Gene and Alex’s police activities are undermined by nefarious Manc policemen Littan and Bevan who have relocated from their North-West moorings. With their misogynist swagger and bigoted manner, they soon get their feet firmly under the table at Hunt’s London headquarters with instructions to get on with a case above the latter’s head. As one would expect, however, it isn’t as simple as that. Read More…

Internet Goes Gaga Over Max

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One of the first Britain’s Got Talent casualties would appear to be Max Oliver, whose performance as an impersonation of Lady Gaga was widely panned by the internet community.

Just 21, Oliver read in horror as Youtube users left comments such as “You f***ing slag, you should die? and “Hope he dies within a year?.

Speaking to The Sun after his outing on the video site gained him 200,000 viewers, Oliver explained, “It was very hurtful. People hate me because I’m gay and dress up as a woman. I don’t see a big deal in that but some small-minded people do. Some even said my mum should have killed me at birth.?

Although some of the worst messages have been removed by Youtube, the young performer maintains, “it was hard to take.”

Wildlife Shows ‘Breach Animals’ Privacy Rights’

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Today’s WTF news story comes in the form of a loopy TV and Film Studies lecturer who has singled out the great David Attenborough for criticism after claimimng that filming animals without their permission is unethical.

The uber-hippy made the startling remarks after watching the ‘making of’ sequence of Attenborough’s BBC series, Nature’s Great Events.

“It might at first seem odd to claim that animals have a right to privacy,” said Dr Brett Mills. “It doesn’t matter what an animal does, or where it does it, it will be deemed fair game for the documentary.”

Dr Mills went on to explain that many animals avoid humans which would suggest that they weren’t happy to be filmed by peeping-toms like David Attenborough.

Piers Warren, founder of Filmmakers for Conservation looked puzzled by the comments and responded by saying: “How can you say whether an animal wants to be filmed? No animal will understand the concept.”

Embarassing Bodies (Kids) Review: Child’s Play

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EMBARASSING BODIES (KIDS): Friday 30th April, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

Having checked up on rotting anuses, oddly shaped penises and skin boils from the adult population, the Embarrassing Bodies team turn their latex gloved hands to the illness-shamed kids of our society. Here, we see them travelling to various youth friendly spots to park their medical van like benevolent child-snatchers.

I thought it was going to be a bit wrong to watch the intimate problems of children, but, as expected, there isn’t the same kind of revealing examinations we get with the adult version. Where there was once U-shaped cocks, we now have bowel problems and lice. The results are, admittedly, not as weirdly compelling – but makes for almost as good a programme. Read More…

Lacey To Leave EastEnders For Film Career

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Following the axing of her on-screen dad, Charlie Slater, along with five other central characters, it has been announced today that Stacey will also be leaving Eastenders.

Lacey Turner, who plays the character, has revealed that she plans to pursue a career in films, telling The Sun; “I’ll miss everyone in Albert Square, but the time has come to try something different?.

She will be followed out of the soap’s perpetually revolving door by her mum, Jean Slater, but of the chopped characters only Stacey will definitely be left open for a potential return in the future.

Bryan Kirkwood, the new producer responsible for the recent cull of actors, said; “We’ll be very sad to see Lacey Turner leave the show. Lacey is one of the best young actresses on TV at the moment and the fact that she’s won 28 awards in the last five years is testament to this?.

New Clip: Bear Grylls Gives Himself An Enema

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Bear Grylls is up to his old tricks again. In his new series (which kicks off on the Discovery Channel next Monday) the adventurer has promised to tackle bigger challenges than ever before. After watching him perform a DIY enema, we are inclined to believe what he says…


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